Horses in Motion


Equine Movement Course

This course will empower equine acupressure practitioners and horse guardians to see beyond everyday conventions around equine movement, to know what is possible, and to help others to realize how healthy movement looks and how it can be attained. 

The course approach to equine movement is centered on the living horse and how  she functions in her environment. Beginning with the environmental interface, the skin, we review the connective tissues, and then move through the body from head to tail, including the poll, neck, torso, hooves, and limbs; explore how the condition of certain organs can affect movement; and end with a basic survey of locomotion.

Begin to discern a genetic issue from a dysfunctional posture that may be the result of a variety of incidents and experiences.Healthy energy flow through body and spirit is essential in the process and the appropriate use of acupressure and other modalities can enhance the process.

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