NBCAAM Approved Animal Acupressure Program

NBCAAM Approved Animal Acupressure Program
   Practitioner Guide

Approval animal acupressure agent

The National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (www.nbcaam.org) is responsible for National Acupressure Practitioner Certification. Once participants have completed the 230-hour course requirement, they are eligible to sit for the equine or small animal certification examination. Click here to view NBCAAM Certification Requirements.

The Tallgrass online and hands-on core-curriculum hours are approved by NBCAAM. There are seven online courses and five days of hands-on clinics required to complete the Tallgrass training program. This program is self-paced, and each course fee is paid upon registration.

There are a series of elective courses available to further your knowledge of acupressure and other modalities. Some of these elective online courses included equine and small animal Preparation for Tui Na, Introduction to Small Animal TCM & Food Energetics, Equine Acupressure & Essential Oils, and more.​

Animal Acupressure Training courses

It is incumbent upon each Tallgrass Animal Acupressurist Participant to know the laws set forth by their state/province/territory of residence. The laws and regulations concerning acupressure and other forms of bodywork for animals vary widely and are constantly changing. We strongly recommend that each Animal Acupressure student consistently refer to their local veterinary board and human massage board. It is the participant's responsibility to ascertain relevant information regarding requirements of their residence.

Course Sequence:

1. Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (online)

2. Equine or Canine Acupressure Foundation Hands on Training 

3. Meridian Theory (online)

4. Meridian Energetics & Functions Hands on Training  

5. Acupoint Classification (online)

6. Acupoint Energetics & Landmark Anatomy (online) 

7. Health & Pathology (online) 

8. Indicators & Assessment (online) 

9. Proficiency Verification (online) - (Recommended / Elective)

training in acupressure for animals

Cost Overview 

1. Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (online) = $260 USD

2. Animal Acupressure Foundation - Hands-on Training  =  $475 USD

3. Meridian Theory (online) =  $260 USD

4. Meridian Energetics and Functions Hands-on Training   =  $925 USD

5. Acupoint Classification (online) =  $280 USD

6. Acupoint Energetics & Landmark Anatomy (online)  =  $305 USD

7. Health & Pathology (online)  =  $330 USD

9. Indicators & Assessment (online)  =  $330 USD

9. Proficiency Verification (online) =   $215 USD    -     Elective 

Total = $3,165 / $3,380 USD with Proficiency Verification

To Become Dual-Certified (Equine and Small Animal)

Complete Practitioner Program for first species.

Complete the two (2) and three (3)-day hands-on courses for second species, as well as Anatomy, Pathology, and Indicators & Assessment courses for the second species.

Dual Certification Cost Overview

Listed below are additional courses needed for dual certification for 2nd species:

2. Animal Acupressure Foundation 2-Day Hands-on Training  =  $475 USD     

4. Meridian & Energetics Functions 3-Day Hands-on Training  = $925 USD

7. Acupoint Energetics & Landmark Anatomy (online) =  $305 USD

8. Health & Pathology (online)  =  $330 USD

9. Indicators & Assessment (online)  =  $330 USD   50% OFF$165 USD

10. And either:     Proficiency Verification =    $215.00
                              Tui Na Hands-On          =    $495.00
                            Online Course - Acupoint Classification   =  $280.00

 Total =  $ 2,415.00 -  $2,695.00 USD