7. Proficiency Verification - Equine/Small Animal

Equine or Small Animal:Equine

Proficiency Verification - Equine/Small Animal Workshop

This workshop is designed to review and expand your knowledge of Animal Acupressure theory and hands-on proficiency. It consists of 2 parts as described below: 

Part One of the Completion Activities is a 50 question multiple choice exam. You'll have 2 attempts at this exam and a 75% is required to pass. Topics covered include:

  • Chi   
  • Yin Yang Theory                         
  • 5-Element Theory
  • Zang-Fu Organ Systems
  • Meridians             
  • Acupoint Classifications             
  • Anatomy
  • Health & Pathology                             
  • Assessment

Part Two consists of the completion and submission of three (3) separate videos.

For the first video, you will provide a film of your completing the Acupressure Session. 

For the second video you will describe the anatomical location and 3 energetics and functions of a series of acupoints.

For the third video you will describe the anatomical pathway as you trace each 6 meridians.

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