Meridian Energetics & Functions

Meridian Energetics & Functions 
3-Day Hands-On Clinic

Location:  See clinic schedule
Course Fee: $925.00  
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 Friday thru Sunday 
Instructor: Lori Perez, LAc   
Prerequisites: Overview to TCM and Meridian Theory Online Courses

Meridian Energetics & Functions focuses on tracing the 14 Major Meridians andSmall Animal Acupressure clinic two Extraordinary Vessels plus locating and learning the function of key acupoints for common health and emotional issues. This 3-day hands-on workshop includes the acupressure protocol and extensive hands-on exercises. Additionally, the Acupoint classifications covered are Association, Alarm, Source, Influential and Master points.

Specific theory and hands on practice study includes: 

Participants learn through lecture and Hands-on Exercises how to:

    • Assess the Animal using the Four Examinations
    • Trace the 14 Major Meridians 
    • Address Specific Common Physical and Emotional Conditions
    • Locate and Understand the Functions of Key Acupoints
    • Utilize the Acupoint Classifications
    • Categorize Indicators Using the Five-Element Theory
    • Implement the Comprehensive Acupressure Protocol     

The PTallgrass Equine Acupressurearticipant Letter providing directions to the clinic facility, suggested area hotels and clinic logistics will be emailed approximately 2 months prior to the workshop.



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